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Illustrations for a project "Orange October". Illustration names: Sunny sunday, Cloudy monday and Raking tuesday.


Illustrations for a project called "Rock Beach Memories".

Layout: 4-page brochure

4-page newsletter brochure for a german company that creates patent- and design-drawings. Latest CMM-Newsletter here.

Lean- illustrations

Lean illustrations from 2021 to 2023. The aim was to create a blue colour scale to match the company name.

Photography - Powerpoint backgrounds

Client wanted to have very cold and arctic looking powerpoint- presentation backgrounds that highlight the challenges of arctic design projects. Scenes of sea smoke were photographed in Espoo in winter 2020-2021 when the sea was freezing. A darker colour theme was selected because there was no need for prints.

Humidity Problems on Facades- illustration

Opening slide for powerpoint-presentation about the humidity problems in buildings.