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Illustrations for a project "Orange October". Illustration names: Sunny sunday, Cloudy monday and Raking tuesday.


Illustrations for a project called "Rock Beach Memories".

Layout: 4-page brochure

4-page newsletter brochure for a german company that creates patent- and design-drawings. Latest CMM-Newsletter here.

Lean- illustrations

Lean illustrations from 2021 to 2023. The aim was to create a blue colour scale to match the company name.

Photography - Powerpoint backgrounds

Client wanted to have very cold and arctic looking powerpoint- presentation backgrounds that highlight the challenges of arctic design projects. Scenes of sea smoke were photographed in Espoo in winter 2020-2021 when the sea was freezing. A darker colour theme was selected because there was no need for prints.

Humidity Problems on Facades- illustration

Opening slide for powerpoint-presentation about the humidity problems in buildings.

Vesimittaripalvelu (Watermeterservice) icon

Icons for Vesimittaripalvelu. The idea from the company was to use an icon of watermeter in their advertising material. The base was an old style well known watermeter as is shown left. Watermeter was customized to feature a new style digital interface with the old body. In addition to coloured cold water blue and warm water red there was also black and white versions. In the end there was 10 variations.

Onehour train- play

Illustration to a blog post One Hour Train- Play by Antti Talvitie. The blog is about the budget of a train connection between Helsinki and Turku in Finland.