meets your technical graphics and illustration needs

CAD- drafting

CAD-drawing of a detached house made in the 70´s based on old drawings and clients new measurements from the existing building. Drawing was used as a base for new electric- and HVAC-drawings.

Installation guide images

Coloured installation guide images of a technical device. usually these are made in black and white. Images were done based on a prototype, which was photographed in different stages of installation. There was more than 20 images in the final brochure.


Examples of illustrations done by VIS Graphics.

Patent drawings

Details from imaginary patent drawings. Drafting of patent- and design- drawings with +20 years of experience.

Collection of washing machines and dryers

Collection of washing machines and ddryers made in 2020-2022. All machines modeled from scratch based on CAD drawings. Images of the machines have been used mostly with white background in marketing material of Talpet.

Isometric illustration

Illustration was created to display clients knowhow in harbour ice control. Isometric style was suitable for the subject as all parts of the plan were as important and also the harbour does not represent any particular existing harbour or plan.

Architectural visualizations

3D-images from interiors and exteriors.


A compact way to show the pros and cons of the large infrastructure projects currently planned in Finland.

Installation guide- images

Part of a lamp installation guide and different options. Images done based on almost finished prototype.

Line drawings

Coloured drawings from line drawings created by 3D-models and CAD-drawings.

Concept sketches

Fast concept sketches from small and large and unique projects.

3D modeling: Foundations

Two different solutions for building foundations. Project included more than 20 foundations.

Ice Loads on Inland Water and Coastal Structures- publication

Publication by Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency 86/2023. Research by Esa Eranti on ice load impacts on bridges, piers and other water structures. Publication downloadable from here: (Only in Finnish). Publication includes 102 pages of information about important infrastructure. For this publication VIS Graphics did 30 drawings, 21 scans, 17 photo editings and text layout on the template by Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency.